About Breaking the Silence Bangladesh


Breaking the Silence (BTS) is a Non-Government Organization established and run by a group of compassionate activists committed to combat Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in Bangladesh. It has been working since 1994 throughout the country to address CSA issues from community to government level. Child Sexual Abuse is a very delicate issue with less exposure in the context of Bangladesh. It’s a social phenomenon which directly or indirectly affects most of the children in our society in a very subtle manner. Sexual abuse is probably the most traumatizing event in a child’s experience. BTS, therefore, is working on raising awareness of Child Sexual Abuse and its protection by the adults. Children from every level of the society are threatened with the chance of being sexually abused by different kinds of perpetrators. As the issue is highly sensitive, initially it was really difficult to conduct programs in the field. Once the sessions started, the adults of the community felt the importance and requested to continue sessions with them as well as their children. Being inspired with such an experience, BTS started the project named “Protecting girls & boys from Sexual Abuse”.


During the first implementation of CSA program, BTS had no document to show the people what was the real situation of sexual abuse of children in our country. We decided to conduct a Dhaka based research. This research was an eye-opener as it showed that among 50 sexually abused children, 46 are abused by their known persons such as – uncle, aunt, brother, cousin and even father. This study was the main inspiration for BTS to continue. The study also showed that adults are not aware of the fact that their children are being abused by the close relatives. We found that the abusers are both male and female and such incidents are likely to happen in every level of the society; poor, middle and the elite class. Baseline survey of 2013 showed that the rate of girl child victims is higher than that of male child. 56% of the respondents have reported that the perpetrator they have experienced was neighbor whereas 19% mentioned about stranger, 12% about male relatives and 8% about elder male peer group member. As the children are usually not strong enough to protect themselves, the ignorance, indifference and negligence of the adults is considered as the prime reason behind the incidents of child sexual abuses. This is why the initial objective of BTS was to aware a significantly large number of people about the child sexual abuse.

Other NGOs have also been working in Bangladesh on child abuse issues where BTS is the only organization that works particularly with the child sexual abuse issue which is happening within and beyond the family environment. This is a unique concentration that gives BTS the privilege to work intensively on the issue.

BTS has been advocating for the last few years with the Ministry of Education to incorporate the CSA issue in the Text books as safety education. BTS and NCTB (National Curriculum and Textbook Board) jointly developed the text material for ‘protection education’ and conducted a tryout program to assess the necessity and feasibility of this text.

Vision & Mission

To create a positive environment and protective behavior in the society on child abuse with particular focus on child sexual abuse of children


To raise awareness among children, caregivers, (parents, teachers, family members) community and policymakers as well as stakeholders for the prevention of child sexual abuse

Organizational Profile

General Information
Established : 1994
Legal Status : Directorate of Social Welfare
Registration no. : Dha-05037
Date: 17 October 2000
NGO Affairs Bureau
Registration no. : 1642
Date: 03 June 2001
Contact person : Ms. Roksana Sultana
Executive Director
Mobile: 01778249277
E-mail: info@breakingthesilencebd.org

Address : Breaking The Silence 10/14 Iqbal Road (3rd Floor) Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207

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General Members
There are 33 general members of BTS.
The Executive Committee consists of 11 members who are responsible for long term planning and policy making of the organization. The Executive Committee is responsible for overall management and policy making including the recruitment of the staff, financial matters and program planning. The executive committee holds meeting quarterly and discuss administrative, financial and program issues. Besides, emergency meeting can be called by the EC. The Chairperson, Treasurer and the Executive Director are the signatory members of bank accounts. The Executive director is directly responsible for overall administration of the organization and accountable to the Executive Committee.
Executive Committee
Sl Name Designation
01 Quazi Baby Chairperson
02 Iqbal Jillul Majid Co-Chairperson
03 Roksana Sultana Member Secretary
04 Monowara Parveen Treasurer
05 Tasmima Hossain Member
06 Sanjoy Kumar Roy Member
07 Bijan Bihary Biswash Member
08 Samia Afrin Member
09 Md. Zahir Uddin Member
10 Mayeeda Choudhury Member
11 Faruq Faisel Member