Activity Reflection

The aim of Breaking the Silence is to protect children from sexual abuse, by direct BTS interventions, or by increasing community awareness and initiative. Through BTS programmes and activities following results have been achieved so far.

Community Awareness

  • Compared to even a few back, now there’s highly increased mass awareness about CSA or other forms of child rights violation. Families are encouraging their sisters and daughters to attend sessions regarding these matters.
  • Religious leaders are sensitizing the community people on child rights and protection issues including CSA. Trained Religious leaders within the BTS program are delivering subjected speech on CR & CSA issue in the Jumma prayer, during religious events like Owaz Mahfil, Milad Mahfil etc by following the Khudba Guide
  • Community people, community leaders and the LEB initiated to develop a community safety net where the children are passing their life in a better protective environment. The LEB and community leaders regularly review and monitor the child rights situation in their respective communities.
Child Empowerment
  • The children are empowered to raise voice against the abuser in the family, community and institution level and taking initiatives through their platform.
  • Adults are appreciating the children’s opinion and the children are taking initiative for the punishment of abusers by collaborating with adults.
  • Sexually abused children are continuing their normal life by receiving counseling. Communities are holding positive attitude towards counseling and referral support for reducing trauma & vulnerability of abused children.
Government Responsiveness
  • The policy level officials are motivated and committed to include safety education in the curriculum as a component for the overall country’s child protection.
  • Networking organizations, forums, cultural activists & news media personnel are in a common platform to pressurize policy makers to incorporate CSA issue as safety education in the curriculum to ensure children safety and development.
Counseling Support
  • BTS provided counseling support to children and adult family members of the survivors through it’s own counseling unit and through the One Stop Crisis Center of Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Continuous awareness program & child group initiatives the community people are aware about counseling support. The guardians have come with their abused children to take counseling support both in BTS counseling cell and OCC. Some of the community adults have come to take counseling support for herself who was sexually abused during her childhood by her known persons considering her long term trauma.