Response of Child Sexual Abuse

Keeping it in the Family

Sufia`s parents arranged for her to learn Arabic from a distantly related great uncle. He came every day but one day when he came, Sufia told her mother that she had a tummy ache and would not study with him. Nexy day, she simply refused to learn Arabic at all. Her mother beat her for refusing to do so, Eventually she told her mother the real reason for her refusal. She said her teacher hurt her by squeesing her breasts. When she objected, he said that he was only showing his affection in the same way as he did to his wife. He also threatened her that it would be a sin if she told anyone about it.

After hearing all this, Sufia`s mother called all her relatives to her home and warned about her distant uncle`s bad habits. She then told him never to come to their house again.

Room with a view

Yunus` home tutor noted that for the past 10-12 days Yunus had been preocucupied with something and not concentrating on his studies. He could see no physical problem and so asked Yunus if he was under any mental stress. This was just the opportunity Yunus needed to be able to tell the disturbing events in his life.

The house next to where Yunus lived had a window directly in fron of the window of Yunus` room. New tenants has moved into that room and whn Yunus was studying facin the window a women aged 35-40 would expose herself, chage her clothes, show him obsence pictures and call to him to come and join her. Yunus thinks she is immoral but at the same time he is distrubed because he is not obeying an older person. Yunus was afraid if he mentioned this to his family as they would not believe him and scold him. Fortunately, Yunus tutor had atteneded a workshop organised by Breaking the Silence and so he was able to help him.

Survival bought with Silence

Ten years old Mukta worked as household help in an urban area. One day she left her tasks undone and ran home to her mother. Despite her mothre`s pleding and trying to convince how unsafe it was for a gril her age to be in the slum, she refused to return. Eventually she revealed the old man in the house was touching her private parts. Her mother convinced her that such behaviour towards a child his grand daughter`s age was not sinful and returned Mukta to her workplace. The master and mistress were very angry about their worker`s sudden flight but the other aplologised to them for her daughter`s misdeed.

However, she made no mention of the old man`s misdeeds. She only requested her not to send her daughter out to the shops. Over the next 15-20 days, the abuse increased and again Mukta ran away. She could not bear what was being done to her.

Mukta`s mother made contact with Breaking the Silence and arranged to bring her daughter the following week. However, at the time, she could only report that Mukta`s employers had taken ber back to their house after scolding her and her mother for her absconding. The mother was silent on its real cause because her husband received a good salary as a gateman for the master of the house and the family could not afford for the father to lose his job. So much as she hated to do it, she sent her daughter back to the house.