All care-givers of child i.e. parents, teachers, guardians, should be aware of their child’s vulnerability to sexual abuse. They must ensure a safe environment for their children at home, school and play grounds. Their prime responsibility lies in preventively the perpetrator get any access to children in a situation where abuse can take place.

  • Provide age appropriate sex education to your child.
  • Discuss the importance of safety and privacy with your child. Introduce the concept of boundaries.
  • Encourage your child to say “NO”/”Stop” in a loud voice when s/he feels that her/his privacy is being violated.
  • Do not assume that only girl child is at risk of abuse.
  • Ensure that children are not left un-motivated over a long duration of time.
  • Encourage your child to talk about his/her feelings. Children are very perspective. They can detect a “good touch” and a “bad touch”.
  • Encourage your child to be in a group.
  • Explain to your child the importance of disclosure if any adult or older children threat/give gifts to your child for any sexual act.
  • Make sure that all adults who perform child care duties have no past history several of misbehavior.
  • Report to relevant authority any adult of sexual misbehavior with a child.
  • Keep friendly relationship with your child, trust your child and listen to him/her what s/he is telling about.