Frequently asked questions

When a child being sexually abused in that time lot of questions appears in children and parents mind. These are the questions are given below (questions are found from BTS staffs group work by a training session)

Question: What was my fault?

  • You had not any fault with the occurrence.
  • It was the adult who is fully responsible for that occurrence.
  • You had nothing to do at that situation.

Question: What should I do and what should be done?

  • You can rely/trust on me as a friend and if you want then I can stay with you for a while.
  • Now you tell me how I could help you.

Question: When my parents will be informed about it, what will they think about me?

  • You will not disclose the matter to anyone except you and me.
    If you do not want then your parents will not be informed the incident at all. But
    If you want then I can talk about the issue with your parents. Your parents will not accuse you when they will hear the incidents.

Question: Am I spoiled?

  • No, you are not spoiled. You are not responsible for this. Why are you thinking so? You are precious. Nothing can spoil you. You will never think that you are to blame for this.

Question: Would everyone accept me normally?

  • May be somebody will blame to you but you know very well that was not your fault. It should make clear to all that what has happened to you was very unfortunate. You will avoid those people accusing you for the occurrence. You could pass most of the your time with those people who could understand you.

Question: What was my responsibility at that moment? (It depends on child’s age)

  • You could protest at that time.
  • You could scream.
  • You could hurt the perpetrator or run away from that place.
  • You could need help from somebody.

Question: How could I exist in this society?

  • This is not your fault. Try to forget whatever happened with you. Don’t be distressed. This type of incident occurs now and then give time to settle and heal. I will help you with this matter, if you wish then you can contact with me in any time.

Question: I cannot understand why he did it just with me?

  • This is only the abuser’s fault occurred this with you. It was possible for him/her to do this. He/she should be punished for the wrong doing. I will give you support to get the proper judgment.

Question: I cannot understand what should I do at this moment?

  • Don’t get worried. You have no fault. If you like to tell your problem to anyone you can tell, and after telling you will feel easy. Try to forget the misdeed. You can trust me; I will never disclose the issue to anyone. I have an elder sister to whom I will take you and you will feel better talk to her. If you could put t

    he whole issue out of your mind, you could be helped to return to normal life.

Question: Am I responsible for the occurrence?

  • Don’t be distressed because this was not your fault.
  • But you should be alert so that this type of occurrence will not take place in your life further.

Question: Should I disclose the occurrence to my mother and elder sister?

  • If you think that you will feel better telling the issue to your mother and elder sister then you can tell them.

Question: Is this type of incidence occurred only with me or occur with others to?

  • No, not only with you, this sort of misdeed occurs in many people’s life.