Executive Director of BTS received “Freedom-Persona Ajker Nari- 2016” Award

Ms Roksana Sultana, Executive Director of Breaking the Silence, has been honored by “Freedom-Persona Ajker Nari”. It’s a recognition of her contribution of years towards building friendly and protective society for the children. The award was given on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Eight eminent women were awarded in their respective fields where Ms Roksana Sultana was considered as a change maker in social service.

She has been working since 1994 to build awareness of both children and adults about the trauma of sexual abuse that our children suffer in silence. From a small step, it has now become a wider movement that engaged a number of communities across the countries as well as concerned policy makers of the government. Ms Roksana Sultana has always been a voice for children. She hoped to carry on her work in the years to come.

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