Project name: Children are protected from violence

Duration: 1st January to 31st December 2017

Name of Donor: Save the children (SIDA)

Brief Description Of Project:
By 2015, children are protected through a system approach from sexual & gender-based violence including Child Marriage in Dhaka and Srimangal (Moulovibazaar) and Shatkhira District and also from unsafe migration, trafficking in Shatkhira District

BTS has been implementing projects with the support of child protection theme of SCiB and has already mobilized community people against abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and violence issues through generating their knowledge and capacities to ensure child protection. Through the implementation of earlier phases, BTS developed a community based model of child protection. BTS working areas (Millat Camp and Sreemangal) replicate the model. BTS continued its program at the aforementioned areas to build strong community based system of child protection there.

Expected results of project:
1.1: A law banning Physical and Humiliating Punishment (PHP) in all settings enacted in Bangladesh.
1.2: The practice of PHP by parents and caregivers reduced.
1.3: Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) reduced in project locations.

Working area:
Urban: Ward no. 05 (Millat Camp), Dhaka North City Corporation, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka
Rural: 8 No Ward Kalighat Union Parishad, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar

Achievement so far (Up to June 2017):
The changes are observed through the implementation of the project during January-June 2017 period as follows-
•-> Strong community based child protection system with the active role of CBCPC, community based groups, government and non-government agencies, community based service providers and community leaders. Community people addressed 02 cases child marriage, 13 cases of child sexual abuse and 09 other cases related to child rights violation.
•-> Strong network of BTS and CBCPC with sensitized service providers with increased knowledge and improved outlook on child protection. During the reporting period, 69 children received services from different organizations including para counselling, legal, health and reduce school fees. A total of 91 children got support during admission in school from CBCPC members.
•-> Breaking the Silence reached 2547 beneficiaries (474 men, 428 women 690 boys and 955 girls) through different awareness interventions who involved to prevent PhP and sexual and gender based violence against children.
•-> Labour house is new window for wider coverage to protect children in Tea garden area. It has been considered as the greatest opportunity in child protection promotion. But it is initial stage, it is required more resource to get amicable result through labour house.