Project name: Child Friendly Local Governance (CFLG)

Duration: January-December 2017

Name of Donor: Save the Children

Brief description of project:
The local governance framework is very important because this level of government is most closely in contact with children. Strengthening this framework has the potential to benefit all children in Bangladesh but will particularly benefit the most disadvantaged through better planning and increased investment targeting the most disadvantaged groups. While a number of organisations have provided support to strengthen the capacity of local government, no agencies have systematically addressed the relationship between local government and children.

The CFLG Project aims to create systematic sustainable changes in the processes of local government decision making for better realization of the rights of children. To emphasis the process, the project has implemented different activities and events for incorporation of CFLG indicators in the LGI’s performance indicators, circulation by Local administration and UZP of an official order to UPs requiring them to make a special allocation of budget for children, ensure children participation in the planning and budgeting processes and setup complaints and response mechanism at the school, UP, Municipality and UZP level. However , the project designed to achieve the following specific objectives between January to December 2017:

Objective 1: Monitoring and demanding children’s rights, with children: To facilitate civil society organizations, children and communities to track commitments to child rights, directly influence child focused development policy and to strengthen the political and civic space for children, adolescents and youth to participate in democratic processes. Objective 2: Good Governance delivering child rights: To facilitate civil society organisations, children and communities to advocate for open and resilient institutions that deliver children’s rights. Objective 3: To facilitate civil society organisations, children and communities to strengthen public financing mechanisms that effectively, efficiently and equitably address children’s wellbeing.

CFLG is a strategic framework placing children at the center of the agenda of local bodies, government line agencies, and civil society. It is built on a two-fold approach that simultaneously increases the capacity of local government, and empowers children, youth and their networks to engage with the authorities.

Working area:
Municipality and 19 unions of Debhata upazila and Satkhira Sadar under Satkhira District.

Expected results of project:
• Reduced engagement of children, adolescents and youth in harmful political activity
• Increased participation of children and youth in democratic processes, holding government to account
• Strengthened child participation and accountability to children by local government in both rural and urban areas
• Responsive and efficient public finance mechanism to ensure child survival, education and CP with a focus on the most deprived children

Achievement so far (up to June 2017):
• For the first time the Ministry of Finance, with support from Save the Children, organized pre-budget consultation with children. This is intended to address the needs of the most marginalized children in the budget for the fiscal year 2017-18.
• As a follow-up of the last year Circular Ministry of Local Government has drafted provisions of children participation in LGIs decision making process based on CFLG approach to incorporate in LGSP-3 UP operation manual.
• District Commissioner of Satkhira issued a letter to all UPs (78 UPs) of Satkhira District to allocate separate budget through the consultation with the children.
• 2016-2017 total budget for the children has been allocated BDT 1,32,62,000 (at Satkhira Sadar 76,02,000 and in Debhata 56,60,000) . During the last quarter budget has been spent BDT 1370800. Therefore budget has spent up to March 2017 BDT 60,10,786 (at Satkhira Sadar BDT 3268751 and Debhata BDT 2742035).
• During the quarter 38355 vulnerable children and their families have benefited from a various government safety nets, including: Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF), Vulnerable Group Development (VGD), Disability allowance, Lactating mother’s allowance and school stipends.
• Local government institutions have also provided services to children and their families including: 271 receiving direct monetary support, free admission to school for children with disability (44), building of sanitary latrines (90), water pipeline and tube well set up for safe drinking water (31), playing materials distribution among children (26 set), education material distribution (6) and tree plants distribution among the children (5), road/bridge/culvert construction and repair (79), School wall and playing ground repair (28), solar panel (61) and children park repair (8)
• Through the complaint and response mechanism 96 complaint has been received from the children and among them 54 complaint has been resolved by CRM committee.
• Project is working to establish child friendly ICT corner at UPs. Now all the UPs are ensuring child friendly ICT corner, as a result during the quarter 767 children have received information services from the ICT corner of UPs.