What we do


  • Raise awareness amongst children, caregiver & duty bearer to prevent sexual abuse (School and Community based Program)
  • Promote social awareness
  • Media campaign
  • Group Formation (Both Children & Adult) and conducting regular session

Empowerment and Capacity Building

  • Developing leadership qualities among the children to protect child sexual abuse
  • Preparing children to say ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ louder
  • Preparing children to speak for their rights
  • Capacity building of community stakeholders
  • Human resource development
  • Capacity Building of Partner Organization
  • Capacity Building of the Networking Organization’s staff

Rescue & Support

  • Rescue of the victim children especially from child marriage and forced prostitution
  • Psycho-social support of children
  • Counseling (Direct & Referral)

Community Based Child Protection

  • Networking & Maintaining liaison with concerned departments of the government and related CSO and NGOs
  • Workshop, seminar & sharing meetings
  • Development of communication materials
  • Development of curriculum materials and sharing with the education department of government
  • Implementation of NPA & CRC
  • Media campaign

Promote Child Friendly Governance

  • Meetings with local government representatives to make the governance more child friendly
  • Advocacy to allot a portion of budget of local government for the children