Be aware of your reaction and be calm

If a child tells you that she/ he is being abused, the first thing to do is to check your own instinctive response. Your first reaction may be to be angry or unable to believe it or annoyed or any combination of these and other strong feelings. Take time to be aware of your inner reaction and to calm yourself so that your psychological reactions do not influence the child. Otherwise, once the child senses your reactions, the child will not want to tell you what happened, instead the child will feel ashamed and guilty for what happened.

Comfort and reassure the child

In doing so, do not make any promise that you will not to be able to keep. It is vital to keep aware of this. Someone has already destroyed the child’s trust so do not set yourself up to betray the child’s trust again.

Give the child some very important massages

  • You believe her/ him.
  • She/ he is not responsible for what was done.
  • She/he did a very good and wise thing by telling you.
  • It is not true that elders always behave well. Elders can also be improper and do bad things.

Structured Approach

BTS used to refer the sexual abused child to the agencies where appropriate advice and care are available.

  • When an abused child become deeply traumatized then BTS refer her/ him to renowned counselor.
  • Shelter home- “Ain O Shalish Kendra”, a reputed organization working to provide legal and social support to abused children and women.
  • Hospital – physical and mental support
  • Child Lawyer – for any legal support
  • Ministry of Social Welfare
  • Ministry of child and women affairs
  • Psychiatric- for any psychological support the child deserves.
  • Social Counselor and Para counselors- immediate support, taking the child out of that atmosphere for some time and reduce the risk.