Breaking the Silence (BTS) is a Child Rights based organization established by a committed group of activist to combat sexual abuse of children in Bangladesh since 1994. Child sexual abuse is a very delicate issue in the Bangladeshi context with a very less exposure, but it is probably the most traumatizing event a child had ever experiences. This activist group has initiated an issue to address which directly or indirectly affecting many children in our society in a very subtle manner.

Upcoming Events

Events of July 2014 Number of Events Place
Trainings for local government authority on child friendly complaint and response mechanism 04 Bamundi Union, Sholataka Union, Gangni-Municipality, Mutmura Union
awareness campaign by children to aware children on complaint and response mechanism 03 Shaharbati Union, Tatulbaria Union, Dhankhula Union

Trainings for children on child friendly local governance and services 03 KhatuliUnion, Sholataka Union, Gangni-Municipality
meeting with CBCPC 04 Bouniabadh & Millat camp at Dhaka; Satkhira Sadar; Sreemangal
Cultural Group Meeting 04 Bouniabadh & Millat camp at Dhaka; Satkhira Sadar
Community based awareness meeting for adult 08 Bouniabadh & Millat camp at Dhaka; Satkhira Sadar; Sreemangal
Community and School  based Awareness Meeting for Adolescent boys 04 Bouniabadh & Millat camp at Dhaka; Satkhira Sadar; Sreemangal
Window method based Successive Session for School students 03 Sheikh Kamal School, Bauniabadh, Dhaka
Awareness seesion for adolescent girls 03 Dhaka, Satkhira & Sreemangal
Quarterly Sharing Meeting with Village Court Authority on CP and  SGBV,  Gender  01 Sreemangal
Sharing meeting with Violence Against Women (VAW) Committee and Men and Boys group 02 Jhaudanga Union (Satkhira) & kalighat Union (Sreemangal)

BTS Celebrating 20th Anniversary

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